The first shower cap that won't
mess with your tresses


All Caps is a multi-use beauty tool designed to effectively protect and preserve your hairstyle in the shower, while you sleep, during spa treatments, and beyond.


fuller, flexible

Accommodates all hair types, styles, and lengths


Waterproof, hypoallergenic,
and fungus-resistant


Silky, low-friction fabric helps
prevent breakage

adjustable length

Loops and buttons lift the cap
up off your neck

adjustable sides

For a custom, comfortable fit

reversible design

Protects pillows and clothing during masking and straightening treatments 


Shower. Sleep. Spa.

This cap does it all.

The Easiest Way to Wake Up to Perfect Hair
— NewBeauty
We swear by All Caps
All Caps is a life changer
you won’t want to be without
— Palencinka Beauty

Don't blow your blowout
with an old-school shower cap.


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