Jessica Rowell Greenfield, Founder All Caps Hair, LLC

Jessica Rowell Greenfield, Founder All Caps Hair, LLC

A stretchy band and a plastic pouf—that’s the extent of virtually all shower caps’ design for the last 100 years. Sure, it’s simple and mostly effective, but it’s not perfect. (Hello damp roots, kinked ends, and indented foreheads.) It also doesn’t keep up with all the hair care and styling advancements we use today. 

We were tired of feeling like we were in the 1950s every time we snapped on an old-school shower cap. So we decided to FINALLY redesign it into something that would satisfy all of today’s beauty needs—showering, hair treatments, spray tans, you name it. First and foremost, it had to leave locks looking as beautiful and styled as they were before putting the cap on. Two years, countless prototypes, and hundreds of showers and hair masks later, we developed more than a cap—we developed a beauty tool that actually preserved your hairstyle and maximized all the efforts you put into styling it. 

All Caps is a soft, flexible cap that easily adjusts to the size of your head and length of your hair for a more comfortable, customized fit. It features innovative fabric technology to protect hair in the shower, at the spa, and even in bed. The reversible design also keeps clothes, furniture, pillowcases, and other surfaces mess-free while doing hair masks and other restorative treatments, like Keratin. And unlike your past shower caps, All Caps is fungus-resistant and machine washable.

How will you use yours?

As working moms, we spent years developing All Caps because we wanted to make women feel prettier while making lives easier. Thinking beyond a traditional shower cap, we designed an innovative beauty tool that not only protects hair, but also maximizes the time and money spent towards styling it. Talk about work-life-beauty balance.