Beyond a shower cap, what can I use All Caps for?

All Caps is designed to extend the time and money you’ve invested in your hair care and styling. So in addition to protecting your hair in the shower, it also protects hair during masking, spray tans, spa treatments, and more. The idea is to allow women to engage in their beauty regime without messing with their tresses.


How is All Caps different from other shower caps on the market?

Until All Caps, there wasn’t a cap or beauty tool available that would properly preserve hair while you shower, sleep, and spa. Traditional and high-fashion caps continue to leave hair kinked, roots damp, and foreheads creased due to their outdated or low-function designs. All Caps’ updated and upgraded design is flexible and customizable—so you can adjust the circumference and length for the most secure and comfortable fit. It’s also reversible, allowing for countless uses outside of the shower. Ultimately, All Caps is not just a cap, it’s a beauty tool. 


Where can I purchase All Caps?

All Caps is available for purchase on and at select salons and spas.


Why would I spend $52 on All Caps when I can buy a shower cap at the drugstore? 

All Caps isn’t just a shower cap, it’s a beauty tool that’s designed to maximize the time and money spent on your hair care and styling. It can also be used outside the shower during hair masking, spa treatments, spray tans, and more. And unlike those cheap shower caps, All Caps leaves your locks looking flawless after use. Lastly, All Caps is machine washable, reversible, hypoallergenic, and fungus-resistant. 


What materials is the cap made of?

The outside of the cap is a soft, hypoallergenic, waterproof, and environmentally friendly PolyUrethane fabric. The inside is a static-reducing satin spandex material with an adjustable AKAbSorb microfiber terry band. 


Is All Caps machine washable?

Yes! All Caps has been tested to up 200 washes. Turn it inside out with the buttons on the inside and wash on delicate. Then hang up to dry. If you’re pressed for time, you can toss it in the dryer on the delicate setting with a dryer sheet.