Years of research and development have been poured into (and onto!) this cap. Let us shower you with all the details…


fuller, flexible shape

Accommodates all hair types and styles, thanks to its custom-designed shape and extra length, which prevents hair kinks and creases and provides better protection.


Soft, whisper-quiet, and environmentally friendly PolyUrethane is waterproof, hypoallergenic, and fungus-resistant.

All Caps Shower Cap
All Cpas Shower Cap

microfiber band

Insanely absorbent AKAbSorb microfiber terry keeps your hairline nice and dry. It can absorb up to 8 times its weight in 2 seconds!


Silky, low-friction fabric helps prevent breakage, reduces static, and protects hair from creasing or falling flat. It’s so soft and smooth, you can sleep in it. 

All Caps Shower Caps

adjustable sides

Easy stretch cords and toggles allow you to adjust the circumference of the cap for a custom, comfortable fit. No more forehead imprints!

All Caps Shower Cap

top loops and buttons

Strategically placed elastic loops hook onto the front buttons to help adjust the length and lift the cap up off your neck—without disturbing your hairstyle. 

travel bag

Provides a safe and easy place to store your cap at home and on the road. Just wipe it down and toss it in. 


All Caps Shower Cap


Environmentally friendly

The PolyUrethane exterior is CPSIA Certified, and its production process generates no discharges, VOC or solvent fumes, or solid waste.

Machine washable

Turn it inside out with the buttons on the inside and wash on delicate. Hang up to dry. In a pinch? Toss it in the dryer on the delicate setting with a dryer sheet.

Made in the USA

This includes the fabric - every square inch is produced domestically. Patent Pending.



Dual-fabric design makes it ideal for showering, sleeping, spa treatments, spray tans, hair masking, and more.